About Us



Jardi's is a group company of Atalay Global was founded in second half of 2020. investing for new facilities, orchards, and technology by the acquisition of Jardi's.

Today, Jardi's has orchards of which growing fruits under Global GAP and packing them in BRC certified facilities exporting its products to 5 continents.

But the main aim is to be a global market leader of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit & vegetables, flowers and plants. Counting Europe’s leading retailers amongst its customer base, we provides efficient and sustainable solutions to customers and suppliers through best-in-class products, market-leading innovation, and outstanding service.


We Are Passionate

We are proud of our achievements and the strength of our relationships; we are committed to every client we deal with; and just as important as anything, we enjoy what we do.


We Are Reliable

Jardi's is managed by experts whose priorities are integrity, quality, service, people and commitment and are especially passionate about helping worldwide communities maintain a stronger livelihood based of the growing and selling of fresh produce.


We Are Innovative

We regard our work as a mission to deliver the highest quality of products to the markets and, in extension, to our customers and end consumers. We believe that the more effort is invested the better results will be achieved.

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